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Global Healthcare Markets Media - Ebook & Expo

A Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.)

About G.H.M. Media E-Book & Expo

About Us

Global Healthcare Market (G.H.M) and Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I) implement strategic collaborative partnerships with U.S and global health industry manufacturers, local and national healthcare providers, community-based marketing and sales professionals. We collaborate to promote healthcare practice and practice management, health industry manufacturing, distribution and GHM community growth.

Our Mission

  1. To implement community-driven marketing outreach, networking and commercial tools that enable industry’ stake holders to affordably introduce, promote and sell their products in communities across the U.S and worldwide.
  2. To promote career and entrepreneurship opportunities in health industry' supply chain and in healthcare practice and practice management.
  3. To implement business-oriented tools that drive health industry' solutions to non-profit healthcare services in the U.S and in developing countries.


G.H.M Media Ebook & Expo is the prime sponsor of the G.H.M’s polyclinic funding initiatives. Part of the proceeds is donated to MedAlliesWorld Lifeline Foundation to support nonprofit healthcare and the implementation of Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (DEPI) through December 2024.

We do invite global health industry’s business promoters and healthcare service providers to become part of the GHM Media E-Book & Expo, and thereby, contribute to the Global-Assist Polyclinic Solution (GAPS).