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A Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I)

G.H.M. Media Ebook & Expo


Step 1 - Business / Company Information

Write your business / company name as you would like to display on your advertisement or news / media publications.

Select your industry classification. This information is necessary to ensure that your business is listed within the correct industry sector of GHM E-Book & Expo.

The name will display as provided under online listings / searches.
Select the main industry classification.

Step 2 - Select your company’s target market / business specialties

Select 1 to 3 specialties that best describe your brand. If more than 3 are needed, please contact us.

This is a multiple selection. Hold down the control / command button to select multiple options.

Step 3 - Business Address and Contact Information

Please fill in the following contact information. This information is used for:

  • Listing your business;
  • Verifying your identity;
  • Providing and administering your products & services, including directory services and advertising in G.H.M. media;
  • Identifying opportunities to improve our products & services through technology;
  • Helping to maintain and develop our system infrastructure;
  • Promoting and marketing our current and future services.

Step 4 - Contact Person

This personal information is used to process any request you may have, and as point of contact in case we need to contact you about your account with us.

Step 5 - Sponsorship Fee / Yearly

Select your registration package.

G.H.M. E-Book offers sponsorship and strategic partnership packages that have a variety of benefits based on different levels of corporate support. Please contact us if you would like to receive a phone call to discuss D.E.P.I. sponsorship packages.

Step 6 - Payment Method

Upon receipt of your completed registration form, you will be contacted by a specialized agent to review D.E.P.I. sponsorship options. We will submit an appropriate invoice following live discussions with our sponsorship department. Payment can be made online, by U.S check or by wire transfer.

Step 7 - Submit the Form

Please use this final step to review and ensure that all the information provided on the previous steps are correct. Read all Policies and Regulations.