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GE Healthcare Takes a Walk in Customers’ Shoes

“Helping our customers properly scope their problems has provided a number of rich insights, and I cannot wait to delve deeper into these challenges so that we can start helping them solve”.

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To be happier, take a moment to notice the nature around you

How can you become happier? Notice that "world in a grain of sand," study says.

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To the brain, sleep deprivation is 'like drinking too much'

Sleeplessness slows down our brains, which affects how we perceive stimuli. This may put us in dangerous situations.

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Having close friends may stave off mental decline

Maintaining friendships into old age may keep us mentally agile, suggests new research.

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Vitamin D may improve wound healing in burns patients

Researchers find that vitamin D could improve burn healing.

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Caffeine may prolong life for kidney disease patients

Researchers say that caffeine may help patients with CKD to live longer.

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International Family Medicine Clinic: Addressing Refugee Health Issues for 15 Years

In October 2002, Fern Hauck, MD, opened the doors to a refugee clinic: the International Family Medicine Clinic at UVA.