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GE Healthcare Takes a Walk in Customers’ Shoes

“Helping our customers properly scope their problems has provided a number of rich insights, and I cannot wait to delve deeper into these challenges so that we can start helping them solve”.

Post date: Aug 24, 2020

Skander Malcolm, CEO for GE Healthcare in Eastern and Africa Growth Markets (EAGM), is in Ethiopia this week hosting an African Leadership, Innovation and Strategy (LIS) program, aiming to help a selection of GE Healthcare’s customers to solve some of the biggest challenges they face.

Around 80 customers and partners from Ministries of Health, NGOs and other public sector institutions from across Africa are this week working with the GE Crotonville team, the Company’s globally renowned training centre for leadership, on issues ranging from healthcare  capacity, improving health services in primary care and big challenges such as  child and infant mortality, to find ways to deliver outcomes using a proven set of methodologies aimed at driving and enabling significant organizational change.

Of the event, Skander says: I like to believe that my IQ goes up whenever I get to spend time listening to a customer and to that extent, I have huge expectations for the next few weeks – not just for what our customers will get out of the program – but what we will learn about them and their priorities in the process.”

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