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Novartis launches first-of-its-kind not-for-profit portfolio of medicines for symptomatic treatment of COVID-19

Covid-19: A Message From Zoetis CEO Kristin Peck

Vetericyn And Covid-19.

We’re Prepared For This.

'Why I bought this digital radiography system ... '

Think through that next big DR purchase with a veterinary practice owner and a practice manager who share what they wanted in their new DR system and brand-new dental DR sensor.

3 awesome tools for veterinary dentistry

These tools and features are on every badass dental technician's wish list. Spend now, save time (and teeth!) later. Plus, bonus tips on ... toothbrushes and scaler tips!

Product roundup: Mmmmmm, treats!

Don't let pet owners get spooked by the array of treat options in the pet store. Check out this roundup of great treats on the market to help tailor your recommendations for pet owners.

New Orangutan Species Is World's Most Endangered Great Ape

There are fewer than 800 individuals of the newfound Batang Toru orangutan species left in the wild.

Lost Salamanders Discovered

A lost species of salamander has been rediscovered alive and well in Guatemala.

Canis Major® Exam Lift Table by MIDMARK

The Canis Major® Exam Lift Table is height adjustable from the floor up to a maximum height of 44", giving it the greatest range of motion on the market.
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