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We Help Patients Find Health Care Providers and Health Industry Professionals Find Business Partners.

We provide patients and health affiliates the tools to thoroughly find care and do business with the right professionals through our exposition-style directory.

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Patients, Providers, & Professionals

Patients can find the right care, seek relevant health content from providers in their communities, and feel empowered to make informed health choices.

Health Providers can attract new patients and act as a partner to help them participate in their own care - leading to better outcomes.

Health Professionals can discover partnerships within health systems and connect with other health affiliates, creating and boosting business prospects.

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An Exposition-Styled Directory Powered By Health Providers & Health Professionals in Your Community

Find the right Providers.

G.H.M. Expo gives patients more power over their health through free, reliable and easily accessible health content provided by health providers in your community.
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Strengthen your patient-provider relationships through health education - creating more informed patients and an environment of mutual participation in their care.
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Find the right Professionals.

Develop new partnerships through networking and locating business collaborators in your community and beyond.
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What is G.H.M. Media?

G.H.M. Magazine

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It Starts with Health.

Health is influenced by a range of factors, and what may be healthy for you may not be beneficial for someone else.
This means that a collaborative approach among health providers and health professionals are often necessary.

All Health Content Posted on an eXpo Zone Profile is Streamed Through the G.H.M. Magazine to Further Community Reach.

G.H.M. Expo

Find Health Content in Your Community

Support & Knowledge for All.

We support the healthcare industry by enhancing visibility and fostering a community-centric model of health education, business collaborations, and empowering each visitor with knowledge curated just for them.

That's Why G.H.M. Media Exists.

An exposition-styled health and business directory combined with a growing health magazine becomes a place where patients transform into health advocates, charting their wellness journeys through relevant resources from providers and professionals in their community;
Where healthcare providers transform into trusted partners for their patients and their communities by sharing reliable health information - allowing patients to form positive connections with them before stepping into the exam room;
And where health affiliates transform their outreach using a sales channel strategy made to develop better partnerships, enhance credibility and provide insights to help tailor products and services to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers, patients and health systems.