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Ansell Urges Global Priority For Supply Of Personal Protective Equipment

B. Braun Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Use of Infusion Pumps with Nebulizers to Treat COVID-19 Patients

Action Allows Perfusor® Space, Infusomat® Space, and Outlook® ES Pumps to be Used for Tracheal Delivery of Continuous Nebulized Medications into a Nebulizer

Welch Allyn Introduces Connex® Cardio ECG

Combines Leading Algorithm, Wireless Technology and Flexible EMR Connectivity to Help Improve Clinician Decision-Making and Enhance Patient Outcomes
New Research on Prostate Cancer

J-Plasma® device by Bovie® Medical shows promise as a game-changing medical device.
Drinking glasses can contain potentially harmful levels of lead and cadmium

Dr Andrew Turner analyses an item of glassware using portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry. Credit: Lloyd Russell/University of Plymouth
Obesity increases incidence, severity, costs of knee dislocations

Patient x-ray of a particularly severe knee discloation. Credit: Dr. Joey Johnson
Is older blood OK to use in a transfusion?

(HealthDay)—Using older red blood cells to give transfusions to critically ill patients doesn't appear to affect their risk of dying, Australian researchers report.
New study reveals sleep deprivation disrupts brain-cell communication

Sleep-deprived brain cells react more slowly and fire more weakly, and their signals are more drawn out. Credit: UCLA
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Center surgical volume linked to LVAD patient outcomesRead
Amsino China Donates 1 Million Rmb In Medical Products To Help Fight Against Coronavirus

Fight Against Coronavirus, Amsino In Action