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Strength and Gratitude in the Face of Adversity

DUKAL Thanks Our Everyday Warriors

Crosstex Launches AXESS™ Mask Sedation System

Cantel Medical subsidiary introduces new innovation that offers comfort, relaxation and efficiency to patients.

Social deprivation sits at the heart of children's oral decay

A study of 347 children in Plymouth aged between four and six years has shown that social deprivation is an indicator of increased risk of dental decay in children. However, obesity was not associated with decay in this group of children.
Hyperglycemia may cause caries but not periodontal disease

(HealthDay)—For rodents with diabetes, periodontal inflammation may be derived from dental caries rather than periodontal disease (PD), according to a study published online Aug. 9 in Diabetes.
How caries-causing bacteria can survive in dental plaque

Credit: Universität Basel
Nanodiamonds show promise for aiding recovery from root canal

Credit: CC0 Public Domain
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New toothpaste uses latest research to put minerals back into teethRead