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Global Healthcare Markets Magazine • A Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.)

About G.H.M. Magazine

We are MedAlliesWorld® Global Healthcare Markets (G.H.M.)

Global Healthcare Markets (G.H.M.) Magazine is a digital platform that specializes in medical, dental, health & wellness, the global supply chain management, research, and news.

We connect healthcare providers, health industry manufacturers, the supply chain operation and management to new and existing audiences, while implementing strategic, collaborative partnerships and community-driven alliances.

Our Mission

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. is dedicated to the healthcare industry.

Our Mission is to implement community-driven marketing outreach, networking and commercial tools that enable industry’ stake holders to affordably introduce, promote and sell their products and services in communities across the U.S. and worldwide. We are dedicated to promoting career and entrepreneurship opportunities in the health industry' supply chain and in healthcare practice and practice management.

Through G.H.M. Media & Expo and G.H.M. Magazine, we create and maintain a community-driven healthcare markets & business directory covering all sectors of the health industry, beginning in the USA/North America and continental Africa. Furthermore, we promote the Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.), and we strive to implement business-oriented tools that drive health industry' solutions to non-profit healthcare services in the U.S., Africa and in developing countries worldwide.

We are the Allies

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. is the prime sponsor for the MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation.

MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation was established to leverage health industry support services and to implement creative healthcare funding solutions for public benefit. The foundation is dedicated to the Global-Assist Polyclinic Solutions (G.A.P.S.) and the Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.).

Global-Assist Polyclinic Solutions (G.A.P.S.) implements business-oriented tools that drive health-industry solutions to nonprofit healthcare initiatives, and fund children & youth development programs in the USA and in developing communities worldwide.

Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.) implements public benefit-targeted initiatives and fundraising campaigns. Those community-driven campaigns support medical education and research, career development, entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion, capital funding for healthcare practice and management, and for health industry supply chain operations and management.

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. contributes a portion of its G.H.M. partners' registration proceeds to MedAlliesWorld® Lifeline Foundation to support our nonprofit initiatives and the implementation of D.E.P.I. and G.A.P.S. through December 2024.

We welcome small business advertisers, strategic partners, and corporate sponsors from all business sectors to support our community growth initiative and become part of the solution.


MedAlliesWorld® Global Healthcare Markets (G.H.M.) implements community-driven platforms for networking and media solutions through strategic collaborative partnerships with U.S and global health industry manufacturers, local and national healthcare providers, community-based marketing and sales professionals. We collaborate to promote healthcare practice and practice management, health industry manufacturing, distribution and G.H.M. community growth.

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. is the collective brand for our three (3) digital platforms:

  • G.H.M. Media & Expo: MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. Media & Expo is a health business directory and digital marketing platform that connects healthcare providers, patients, and health industry supply chain manufacturers and distributors locally, nationwide, and globally. We create global business partnerships and networking opportunities for health industry professionals, affiliates, and corporate and diversity sponsors.
  • G.H.M. Magazine: MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. Magazine is an online magazine for publishing of health industry news and reports, implementation of strategic partnership and community-driven alliances. G.H.M. Magazine is dedicated to the promotion, marketing, advertising, exhibition and sales of health industry products and healthcare services.
  • G.H.M. Depot: MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. Depot operates through collaborative partnerships with specialized sales professionals, global manufacturers, national distribution companies, regional suppliers and community-based vendors for the promotion and sale of healthcare products. We are independent distributors and we bear the cost for our grass-root marketing outreach, community, national, and global advertisement, public relations, training of field sales personnel and commercial exhibitions to our targeted markets.

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. Media is the collective title for our two (2) Media platforms:

  • G.H.M. Media & Expo
  • G.H.M. Magazine

These two (2) platforms are specifically combined to create direct media outlets for health industry news and media, press releases, healthcare networking opportunities, and community growth.

MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. is the premier partner for healthcare providers, health industry manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and consumers worldwide. From around the corner to across the globe, MedAlliesWorld® G.H.M. provides you with the tools you need to locate and to do business with:

  • Manufacturers & Supply Chain Management
  • Distributors & Supply Chain Operations
  • Physicians & Surgeons
  • Dentists/Dental Care
  • Hospitals
  • Health & Wellness
  • Clinics & Polyclinics/Specialty Practice Groups
  • Healthcare Support Services
  • Medical Schools, Universities, Colleges, HBCU's
  • Corporate Sponsors & Strategic Partners

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