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A Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (D.E.P.I.)

About G.H.M. Magazine

About Us

Global Healthcare Market (GHM) Magazine is a digital platform for publishing of health industry news and reports, implementation of strategic partnership and community-driven alliances. GHM Magazine is dedicated to the promotion, marketing, advertising, exhibition and sales of health industry products and healthcare services.


G.H.M Magazine is the prime sponsor of the G.H.M’s polyclinic funding initiatives. Part of the proceeds is donated to MedAlliesWorld Lifeline Foundation to support nonprofit healthcare and the implementation of Diversity Entrepreneurs Partnership Initiative (DEPI) through December 2024.

We do invite global health industry’s business promoters and healthcare service providers to become part of G.H.M Magazine and thereby, contribute to the Global-Assist Polyclinic Solutions (GAPS).