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Balancing Your Fitness Efforts

Avoid extremes to accomplish your ideals …

Post date: Jan 06, 2020

When it comes to the good things in life, we often think more is better. More love, friendship, smiles, fun, and peace. However, this is the real world, not a preschool show. Things we typically pursue in excess sometimes lead to unhealthy scenarios. Each of us has overdone it at some point, including when it comes to healthy endeavors. Think of the all-or-nothing approach that led to repulsion over cruciferous vegetables or resulted in a trick knee. It’s best to remember the wise adage: All things in moderation. Anyone who practices a healthy lifestyle quickly notices improvement in their quality-of-life. These benefits are a motivating force. They propel us to exercise more, lift heavier, walk further, eat better. Here are some guidelines to prevent good intentions from leading to bad results.

Depending on your current mindset and latest fitness goals, your perception of what you can achieve may shift. A fast five-pound weight loss may inspire you to double your treadmill time or maximize the machine’s incline setting. Instead of shedding more weight or gaining more muscle and stamina, you could end up tired, sore, and discouraged. The Fix: Pace yourself. Extreme workouts don’t equate to extreme results. Pushing yourself too hard for extended periods doesn’t allow proper time for rest and recovery. You become more susceptible to injuries and negatively impact bones, muscles, and tissue. Take a day or two off. Your workout stimulates the body to grow stronger. Rest provides the time and setting for this to happen. You’ll return to your fitness program stronger.

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